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About Cyprus articles

Cyprus is a stunning beauty and a quality of life full of passion and romance of the island. Cyprus is the Omega excellent culture of ancient customs, history and traditions remain alive. An important issue is the low crime rate steadily and the island's economic growth. Every year thousands of tourists come to Cyprus to enjoy the beach and the beautiful Island. Most of the tourists come back to Cyprus on vacation or residence. Famous Cypriot hospitality, kindness and generosity of foreigners. Cyprus is life, because it is the ideal place for a second home to Mediterranean ... [read more]

There are non-stop flights from all the major cities of Europe with Cyprus Airways and the national airlines of the European countries. Major gateways are: Athens London Manchester Amsterdam Brussels Frankfurt Paris Rome Milan Geneva Zurich Vienna Malta Moscow Budapest Sofia Bucharest Warsaw Prague. In addition there are charter flights mainly during the Summer season. From the UK and other Scandinavian countries there are charter flights only from March until November. There are many airlines to choose from: Cyprus Airways Aero... [read more]

Cyprus becomes an independent republic on 16th August 1960. It is a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth and the Non-Aligned Movement. According to the above treaty, Britain retains two Sovereign Bases (158.5 sq. km) on the island, at Dekeleia and Akrotiri-Episkopi. The 1960 Constitution of the Cyprus Republic proves unworkable in many of its provisions and this makes its smooth implementation impossible. In 1963, the President of the Republic proposes some amendments to facilitate the functioning of the state and the Turkish Cypriot community responds with ... [read more]

Now that Cyprus has joined the European Union, the restrictions which formerly applied to citizens of the European Economic Area as regards employment and residence in Cyprus have been abolished. European citizens who wish to reside in Cyprus are required to submit an application for the appropriate permit and to register with the Department of the Population and Migration Archive or with an office of the Aliens and Migration Service of the police. European citizens who work and reside legally in Cyprus have the same rights as citizens of Cyprus as regards remuneration, working conditions, ... [read more]

Cyprus banking system and regulations are of European standard. There are international and local banks operating in the island with many branches offering wide and high quality services. Non-Cypriot citizens may open accounts in local and foreign currencies and receive bank facilities like mortgages for buying property in local or foreign currency. ... [read more]

Driving in Cyprus is the same as driving in the UK, unlike the rest of western Europe. Front seat belts for driver and passenger are compulsory. Occupants should be belted when they are provided in rear seats. Children under the age of 5 it is essential to sit in the back of the car and strapped into a proper child car seat. Children from 5 to 10 years old can sit to the front seat provided with a child's seat belt has been fitted. Using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited unless using a hands free unit. Road signs are in Greek and English, distances are marked in kilometers (Km)... [read more]

Cyprus is a historical ancient Island, offering something for everyone. Cyprus is the birth place of Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty and love where the sun shines high and bright throughout the year keeping the sea temperatures warm and inviting. Cyprus beaches has been awarded with the "Blue Flag" by the independent Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). This was accomplished with the help of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) and the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association (CYMEPA). A prestigious award granted to those who meet the strict criteria required to ... [read more]

Cyprus offers a wide choice of recreation both day and night Cyprus Cuisine restaurants, Cyprus tavernas, cafeterias, pubs, regional feasts Sport activities water sports, yachting, golf, skiing Music and culture events Modern and classical concerts, theatre, ballet, opera and other culture events are organised by local and international visiting artists, most of these take place in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, at the British Council, to which everybody can be a member, pay an important part. Beaches There are many beaches with all amenities ... [read more]

Cyprus is an island where the sun shines high and bright throughout the year keeping the sea temperatures warm and inviting, enabling devoted swimmers to indulge from early May through to October. Cyprus is in the Mediterranean climate zone, and so benefits from short mild winters and long dry & warm summers. The island is famed for its sunshine, receiving on average more than 300 days of it each year. During the hot summer months temperatures rises above 30°c day after day. Around the coast the average maximum temperature in June, July and August is 32°c. Inland, the maximum te... [read more]

Greek is the main language in Cyprus. However, over 90% of the population speak English. Most shop, restaurant menus and road traffic signs are in English thus making it easy for non Cypriots to live on the island with no problem whatsoever. Other languages like German, French, Italian and Russian are widely spoken. ... [read more]