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Residential Land in Paphos, Emba - Ref EM610PG

Price EUR: 400,000 (0)
Plot Size: 1323(m²)
Type: Residential
Situated in Emba in a residential area, there are in total two attached plots, each plot has a 60% building density and 35% covering factor - subject to planning. One is 654sqm and the other one is 645sqm.
Public access with water and electricity availability. Emba village centre is a minute away, drive to Paphos about 5 minutes and to the beach at Coral Bay around 15 minutes.
Enjoys wonderful uninterrupted views.
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Empa is one of the largest villages in Paphos, Cyprus. It is spread over a wide area and not only borders Paphos but also the villages of Chlorakas, Kissonerga, Tala, Tremithousa and Mesogi. It has a population of 4,500 people. ...[Read more]
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