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Land in Larnaca, Maroni - Ref MAR283JFS

Price EUR: 672,000 (0)
Plot Size: 7104(m²)
Maroni is located in the south of Cyprus, to the west of Larnaca. The immediate and wider vicinity is characterised by a quiet, pleasant and relaxing environment with scattered vegetation and extensive views to the countryside and the sea. There are sporadic residential developments in the surrounding areas, but in particular the region along the coast is attracting considerable demand from a number of developers and entrepreneurs for the erection of tourist and residential complexes at high standards. The climate of the area is typical Mediterranean, mild in winter and hot in summer.
Four pieces of land are for sale at a distance of about 2.5 klm south-east of Maroni village and about 550 meters from the beach where it has indirect access through a public road(PLEASE CHECK Ref.No. MAR283JFS,MAR285JFS,MAR286JFS,MAR287JFS).
The accessibility to the land is quite adequate and is achieved through the road, which is connected with a newly constructed and asphalted coastal highway commencing from the city of Larnaca and Larnaca International Airport then terminating at Zigi Village. This highway runs along the coastal area and surrounding region which has attracted considerable and sustained tourist, residential and leisure development.
As the four pieces of land are all attached together it gives the added advantage of having the option of developing the plots collectively or individually.
The land has a rather regular shape occupying a raised location with a flat to slightly sloping surface and has a road frontage of about 100 metres along its western boundary.
The four pieces of land are next to tourist zone T3B that has a building density of 30% when the planning authorities move the zones which they often do, the land has a good possibility to fall into that category doubling the price. The land has already been recommended to the authorities to be put in to zone T3B.
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The village of Maroni is found built about 35 kilometers southwest of Larnaca. It has an average altitude of 70 meters, the altitude reaching 200 meters in the north of the village, and has a distance of 2 kilometers from the sea. The village receives an average annual rainfall of about 380 millimeters; citrus fruits (lemons, grapefruits, oranges), cereals, forage plants, olive and locust trees, and various types of vegetables are cultivated in the region. Several greenhouses have been installed in the area for the cultivation of early vegetables. Stockbreeding in the village is limited. There are four units of s...[Read more]
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