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How to Buy

LOCATION Deciding on the location of land being purchased is no different to buying an exiting house. The location must have the amenities you consider necessary for a pleasant lifestyle, although economic realities may force some compromises. Consider the availability of schools, shops, medical services, banks, the beach and so on.

YOUR WANTS AND NEEDS Make a list of all features that would exist on the ideal piece of land. Review the list, highlighting your must-haves, such as a great view, privacy, or beachfront.

HOW MUCH LAND DO YOU NEED? What's the minimum size plot of land you are willing to consider?

CAN YOU BUILD OR NOT? Whether you're seeking land as an investment, or to build your dream home,replica watches your single most important task is to determine what you can or cannot build on the land. The checklist below will help you.

FEATURES The land site should be carefully evaluated. Consider any trees and whether they can remain or will have to be removed prior to building. Permission from the local Council may be required for the removal of trees. The existence and quantity of any rock should be ascertained to determine whether it would be a feature or a hindrance. Any streams, dams or watercourses on or near the site should be noted, as if the land borders water, environmental regulations may limit your ability to develop the land, as you'd like .

ORIENTATION The aspect of the site and the quality of any views should be appraised. A judgment should be made as to the likelihood of whether any available view will be blocked out by vegetation growth or by future building growth in the future.

ZONING How the land is zoned determines what can be built. Check with the local authority and find out what your zoning designation means, elevator shoes whether a zoning change is planned and how to obtain planning permission. Ascertain what percentage of the land can be built on and if there are any restrictions on the height that you can build. Ask what kinds of setbacks from the property boundaries are required. Check flood maps to see if the property is in a flood zone. Also check with the local Council as to whether there are any known plans, for future nearby construction, which may affect the value or desirability of the land.

UTILITIES Are there nearby services for water, electricity and telephone? If not, give consideration to the likely cost to bring these services to the land. In most of Cyprus, there are no public sewers, so a provision for a septic, must be considered. There is also no mains gas.

SOIL QUALITY Depending on the region, you may need soil borings to determine how far down builders must go to excavate for your foundation. Also, if you need to dig a well for water, find out how deep you'll likely have to go .

TOPOGRAPHY Hills or steep slopes will affect what you can build and how much it will cost.

ROAD ACCESS Check that the land has direct access to a public road. If your land isn't accessible by a public road, there should be a deed, with the title deeds, giving a right-of-way to access the land.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Check if the site is subject to flood restrictions. If the site is prone to flooding, there may be problems obtaining finance and insurance.

The actual boundaries of your land need to be determined. A registered surveyor should be employed to check and peg these. Audemars Piguet Replica

FINALLY Engage an independant solicitor to act on your behalf.